Frequently Asked Questions

Here Sandra answers some of the key questions new couples may have when planning a ceremony.

"I have been to weddings, but don't really know how the ceremony goes?"

This is a really good question to have.  In our first meeting or phone call I will ensure you understand all the different parts of a ceremony including the legal parts.  We can also talk about the order of a ceremony (what comes where,when…).  Once this all makes sense to you both we can work on personalising the content so that we end up with a ceremony that is totally YOURS.

"How do we contact you?"

I can be contacted via the “contact us” page, an email, text, via Facebook messenger or a phone call.  There is no need to feel obligated by simply talking.  You will soon work out if we are the right match for your ceremony.

"Can we hold our date?"

Sure – I can place a hold on your date and time while you work out all the details of your wedding day.  Once, you have locked everything in, a $200 deposit can be made to secure your booking.

"What if our situation changes?"

Let’s keep the communication open.  Life sometimes has a way of changing plans, so if we stay in touch we can talk through any changes that may come up.

"How many meetings are generally needed?"

Normally a meeting to get to know one another and discuss your wishes for your wedding day.  A further meeting to sign the Notice Intend to Marry and site your identification documents is recommended as well.  Any questions that may come up along the way can be discussed via email or a catch up via the phone or skype.

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