The Ceremony Process

Sandra helps break down the process behind your ceremony, making it easy to understand and an enjoyable experience.

Gold Coast wedding ceremony process

We work together to ensure your ideas, dreams and wishes are realised.

Apart from a few legal obligations, a civil ceremony is open to your suggestions, opinions and requests.

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"I've listed the primary parts of a ceremony below to help you to understand what to expect on your wedding day".

Parts of a ceremony can include:

  • The Declaration of Intent - where each of you are asked about your commitment to each other and you can each respond with "Yes", or "I Do" or "Absolutely".

  • Vows - the words that you say to one another that will see you through your married years;

  • Readings from family and friends - included in your ceremony can be a poem or reading by your friends or family.  This is also a special opportunity for a formal or informal “asking” of dads, mums or other special members of your family.

  • Monitum - the 'serious voice' set of words said by Sandra as your celebrant - another one of those legal things;

  • Sentiment - in basic terms, what best reflects the two of you as a couple, such as light and carefree, romantic and meaningful or even fun and loving.

"Please don’t stress - I will make sure it all comes together for you.  I’m pretty organised and calming so you can both relax - and know that all will be okay".

What's next?

The Legal Information

Beyond the ceremony process, it's important to understand the legal parts.

To make this process a positive and easy experience, we've dedicated a whole page to the legal requirements behind a wedding.

Legal Information
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