Your presence, is our present

June 5, 2018
Your presence, is our present

I absolutely love this photo. It makes me feel wishful for an era gone by...

A time where we witnessed, observed watched and enjoyed through our eyes rather than from behind a lens or phone or some other device. 

We were immersed in the moment and gained the full emotional experience rather than stressing over light, angle and ‘getting the best shot’.

This is a decision that all brides and grooms face these days – do they (potentially) offend their guests by asking them to be present in the moment or do they allow a barrage of devices busily clicking away during their ceremony.

This is the conversation I have with all couples that are conflicted:

“It’s half an hour. Half an hour where you, as the bride and groom, can request the absolute presence of your friends and family. You are entitled to be witnessed, heard and respected and for this, I believe, you require the full attention of your guests”

I’m an emotive and intuitive celebrant and after performing more than 300 ceremonies you gain a certain appreciation for a ‘present’ group of attendees.  

When cameras are away your guests enter a quiet space, allowing their minds and hearts to open and, when done collectively, works towards creating a beautiful, safe space for you both to become husband and wife.  

Their love for you both and their best wishes are almost palatable.  If you glance out into the sea of faces of your nearest and dearest, rather than being greeted by the back of their cameras, you will see all that they are projecting towards you – their admiration and their adoration… and this, makes for a wonderful, warm and memorable wedding ceremony.

So, be brave, and ask your celebrant to kindly request that the very greatest present your guests can give you is nothing other than their presence.

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