That Heady Feeling

February 9, 2018
That Heady Feeling

Your wedding day, from start to finish, will evoke an absolute myriad of emotions. Excitement, nervousness, absolute and enormous love, fear and joy.

The one emotion that tops the list is that extraordinary, heady feeling – just when the ceremony is about to begin and you know that your lives are about to change forever.

Some couples tell me that they remember having an almost ‘out of body’ sense as the reality of all the plans and preparations finally come to that one point in time - when a bride slowly walks down the aisle towards her man.

As your celebrant, I get it. I get the nerves and the fear of the unknown all wrapped up into an exciting and overwhelming moment in time.

I will do everything I can to ensure that you feel organised, prepared and as best I can do, calm. I will never assume you are OK and will be watching you like a hawk to ensure that you are comfortable – my greatest wish is that you look back upon your ceremony and feel pride.

I will get you to take some breaths, place yourselves in the moment and remember that all your guests, friends and family are there with love in their heart. If you suffer from a deep fear of talking in front of people, anxiety over showing too much emotion, trepidation at sharing such important words such as your vows, just know, and remember, that all those present are on your side. They want to see the depth and reality of your love – let’s face it, that’s why they made time, travelled and are participating in your wedding day. Know this and your fears will halve.

Embrace that heady feeling – you are about to marry the love of your life! - and that’s momentous, wonderful and sensational!

- Sandra

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