Love is Love

April 6, 2018
Love is Love

I was recently contacted, via my website, about a potential booking. It was actually the groom that wrote to me in a very adorable and succinct manner.

He obviously loved his fiancé very much and found it necessary to notify me of their vastly tattooed appearance.  I felt as though he was protecting his bride to be from unnecessary judgement and discrimination.  During their time together they had chosen to take a similar journey that expressed their love of body art.  Their tattooing was, and is, an extension of their love for each other and, in a way, a manner of communicating the depth of their feelings for the other.  Tattooing, in itself, takes trust and patience and is a show of permanency – a metaphor of how they wish to conduct their life.

I am glad they contacted me because in my eyes LOVE IS LOVE…whether you are tall, short, dark, fair, (dare I say it) – male, female (my hand is up), pierced or, indeed, very heavily tattooed.  I do not discriminate – and I will listen to your love story or, in this case, watch the wonderful short video on an amazing life together, and with respect and dignity ensure your wedding day is all you wish and desire it to be.

Thank you to this brave and loved up couple for allowing me to be a part of such a special time in their lives.

- Sandra

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